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How Can an Audiologist Help Someone with Tinnitus?

by Glenn Schweitzer, Tinnitus Expert
August 23, 2019

Question: How can an audiologist help someone with tinnitus?

Answer: An audiologist canhelp someone with tinnitus in a variety of ways and an audiology appointment isan important first step in the tinnitus treatment process for mostpeople. 
Not all audiologistsare very knowledgeable on tinnitus management, treatment, and habituation, butmany audiologists are and can educate a sufferer on the basics of tinnitus.This is an important step.
Next, an audiologistcan test you for hearing loss, which is a common cause of tinnitus, and fit youfor hearing aids if necessary. Hearing aids can help tinnitus sufferers in avariety of ways. By restoring lost frequencies and increasing auditory input,tinnitus is often improved. Many hearing aids also have tinnitus maskingfeatures, which can help a sufferer to better cope.
Just beware of anyaudiologist who tells you that you just have to live with tinnitus, or thatthere is nothing you can do. This is simply not true, and unfortunatelysomething that most tinnitus sufferers have heard at one point or another.

Glenn Schweitzer is an entrepreneur, blogger, and the author of Rewiring Tinnitus and Mind over Meniere’s.

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